What's New

NEW Varieties

Each year Kinder strives to bring to market new varieties that either update and improve our existing range or extend it further to give a greater range of colour texture and form. As always these new varieties have proven themselves in UK trial conditions and offer the very best of Garden performance and value for money.  For 2019 we have New Varieties in both the Starter Plant and the Premium Plant ranges.

NEW Starter Plants

Calibrachoa Can Can Double Pink (P)   &  Wine Red (P): Two bright and colourful additions to our range of double flowered Calibrachoa. The compact tight habit forms a neat mounded plant covered with double blooms. The Wine Red is a strong deep colour while the Pink is delicate shade enhanced with a darker pink inner ring.

Petunia Cascadia Rim Cherry (P): This Petunia Cascadia was outstanding in trials both for its colour and its strong habit producing flowers continuously. Bright cherry red flowers, each have a delicate edge of white, cover the entire plant, excellent in baskets and taller containers.

Petunia Tumbelina™ Bella (P): An addition to the outstanding Tumbelina double petunia range this stunning beauty in Plum Purple, with a broad picotee white edge, is a perfect partner for the top selling Tumbelina Anna. As with all the Tumbelina varieties Bella will continue to flower throughout the season and will stand up well to the UK weather.

Verbena Enchantment (P): We are pleased to introduce a totally new verbena series for Baskets that replaces the Aztec Magic lines that we have offered for many years. This series of trailing varieties, all with Serrated foliage and excellent mildew resistance, bears all the characteristic of the Aztec Magic but with increased vigour and flower power.  Enchantment are the must for baskets whether Mono planted or used in Combination mixtures. Colours available: Coral, Hot Pink, Lavender, Purple and Violet Eye.

Verbena Showboat (P): Last year we offered, for the first time, the Show boat series of mound forming Verbena ideally suited to Container and garden use. This year we are pleased to add another two special colours that broaden the colour range still further.  New colours are: Neon Pink and Mango Orange.

NEW Premium Plants

Dahlia Dahlietta Surprise:
Last year we offered two of the Surprise Dahlietta varieties alongside the standard lines and it was soon apparent that the fancier Surprise lines sold better. So this year we have adjusted our range dropped some of the standard lines and adding two extra surprise varieties.  Both Kelly, a red and yellow bicolour and Paula, a purple and white bicolour, have a solid base colour over which the second colour is flecked providing a striking effect.  Sometimes the speckled markings can vary and the occasion solid colour flash or whole flower may appear. New Colours are Kelly & Paula.

Nemesia: A change for Kinder this years is the movement of Nemesia from the Starter Plant range to the larger Premium plant plug. We have found that we can condition plants better in this larger plug and give the home gardener a product that grows away easier.  There is an increasing interest in Nemesia as an easy grow, versatile plant that often brings scent into the garden. To mark this movement we are introducing two well proven Varieties:

Mirabelle, A strong and vigorous mound forming plant that flowers on and on with bright blooms of Lavender mauve with a red tinted eye.

Wisley Vanilla, a well-known and sought after variety, pale white flowers are unassuming but the rich scent of vanilla puts it in a class of its own.

Geranium Zonal Pelgardini Chocolate NEW: A really outstanding Foliage Geranium enters the range, having very dark ‘chocolate’ leaves, with a narrow emerald green margin, that are deeply cut and form tight mounds of foliage, as a bonus over this dark foil appear Scarlet flowers that contrast strikingly.